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Newstead, QLD
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I do not discriminate against animals - I love them all! If it helps I donate to the RSPCA first, I'm vegetarian, and I'm all for signing a petition in animal rights!
More than happy to feed, clean up, pat, cuddle, walk, play with, etc.
Im not going away over the 3 week Christmas break, and can send my two cats to my parents house while I look after your babies! I work in Hawthorne. Other than that can do call by's mornings and evenings as I have a car.
Let me be your pets new best friend!

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I live in a unit with enclosed balcony access, but I also am allowed small-medium size dogs (and cats) at work (in an office of 4 ladies) so you're pet will get more than enough attention :)

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1 years
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My best friend has had a quite a bit experience with looking unwell pets so if there's any issues, medication needing to be taken and such, she can also lend a hand to ensure your pet is in the best care :)

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Balcony or deck
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2 Cats
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1-2 kms
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Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

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K Gailer
October 2016
- Reference

Corrine recently took care of my cat when I had to head interstate for work. I couldn't have been happier, neither could Bozo (cat) it would appear. Bozo took to her extremely well from first meeting. He can sometimes be stand-offish with new people, but within a short time he was snuggling up next to her, loving the attention. When I returned home, Bozo was obviously content. He would usually meow for attention as soon as I walk in the door if I have been away for longer than a typical work day, but he was happy lazing around - a sure sign he got the attention he needed. Was also happy to come home to see a full water dish and dry food dish - so many minders don't think about topping up right before I come home. I would highly recommend Corrine if you are in need of a minder. She obviously loves animals, and your pet will be able to tell. :)

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Amanda L
October 2016
- Reference

Whilst owning a Staffy in a previous relationship a couple of years ago, Corrine stepped in to look after Tia on a couple occasions when my then partner and I went on holidays. I loved that she even had no issue calling into the vet to pick up more of Tia’s medication when it came in while we were gone. I’m not actually sure who loved the other’s company more – Corrine seemed as stoked with spending time with Tia, as Tia did with her! Not that it was a big task, but she also fed our Fighting Fish during her visit which was also very much appreciated (as I don’t really like buying those fish food blocks). If I still owned a pet she’d be the first I’d call if I needed a sitter.

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