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Denham Court, NSW
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I have always been drawn to animals and feel a special connection with them! I have cared for countless cats and dogs and am very much involved in the rescue/foster scene. Your pets will be more than well taken care of. I view animals to be equal to humans and deserving of all the love and care they require. I love interacting and socializing with pets and would love an opportunity to work with them.

About This Listing

My partner and I live alone so our place is very calm and quiet. We are both avid animal lovers and love all kinds of pets. Your furry baby will be well taken care of and loves by the both of us. We have fostered many cats and dogs in need and have extensive experience dealing with all types of situations that may arise. We have an extra empry bedroom so your pet will have their own space if they want :)

Pet Types

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Experience Looking After Pets
10 years
Specific Breeds
  • German Shepherd
  • Scottish Terrier
  • West Highland White Terrier
  • Persian
  • Scottish Fold
Special Skills
  • Senior Dogs
  • Puppies
  • Senior Cats
  • Kittens
  • Medication
  • Injections
  • Special Needs
Other Skills
I worked at a rescue group for 3 years and have experience working with all types of cases of abuse and neglect. I have literally brought back some animals from the brink of death. I am very good at spotting early signs of illness and giving medications. I always put the interest of the animals first.

Home Details
Property Type
Backyard Type
Small fenced yard
Other Animals
1 senior cat
Distance from Vet
1-2 kms
Children at Location

Listing Details
Accepts Last Minute Bookings
Access to Car in Emergency
Refund Policy
Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

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January 2019
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She has helped me with so many cats and dogs, rescuing and looking after..

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