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Joy? Happiness? Or Both? - You and Your Pet Will See The Difference

Clayfield, QLD

I'm a 36 year old Engineer who works from home. A person should always do what brings joy and happiness into their lives.

What sort of life would you be living if you did something that made you unhappy? In my case, pets bring unlimited joy, peace, calmness and they just make your day a lot better.

My famiIy and I (wife and 10 year old)take excellent care of your pet and in return we get that joy, peace and happiness they offer to everyone :)

We also have a huge backyard where they can play.

About This Listing

Our place is ideal for your pet for different reasons First, it is a big house: 4 bedrooms, 1 big sunroom with view to the backyard (where your pet can sleep); very clean; front yard, very big backyard with fences. Our neighours are family too.

We focus on 1 pet at the time so your pet will have our full attention. Also, I work from home so your pet will have us at all times. We have a very cute 9 yeard old daughter that loves animals.

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Large fenced yard
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1-2 kms
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Strict - a full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, 14 days before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.


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PetCloud Pet Owner
June 2020

We were very happy to leave Coco with Juan. She had a great time and we knew that she was well looked after and given lots of love and attention!

PetCloud Pet Owner
August 2019

Betsy was extremely well looked after by Juan and his family and was clearly so happy staying with them and being spoilt! It was lovely to have peace of mind knowing that all of her needs were being met while we were away.

PetCloud Pet Owner
March 2019

Juan and his family took such wonderful care of our dog, Alfie. They have a huge backyard with plenty of space for running around. I felt like Juan looked after Alfie as if he was his own dog - you can't ask for more than that!

PetCloud Pet Owner
Johnny Smith
June 2018
- Reference

This is a photo taken when we picked our dog up. Look how much our dog is besotted and admires her dog sitting family. I think the photo says it all. She thinks they are the best dog sitters. We also know they are, as they stay in touch with us when she is staying with them, emailing us a photo, so we can see how happy she is during her pet holiday home stay. I only wish we filmed her arriving to be looked after, it was her second holiday there and she was mega thrilled. As soon as we turned the corner driving into their street, the excitement coming from the back seat was so much that we knew we could have a great holiday, knowing our dog was obviously going to have fantastic holiday at her dog sitters; and we didn't have to feel guilty that she wasn't able to come with us, as obviously from her reaction, she perhaps has an even better time there than we do on our trips away. I hope this recommend won't make them too busy; this family is a really lovely chilled out household, who are well spoken and gentle.

PetCloud Pet Owner
June 2018
- Reference

We found it hard to place our Josie (gorgeous dog), being old, & knowing we wanted her latter years to be only around loving gentle people, it took us ages to find a great family to look after her while we went away on work trips & on holidays. We wanted her to have a large yard with good fencing, a loving family environment, be warm during her winter visits, & cool during her summer visits. She loved this family, they treated her well, played with her, she freely roamed between the outside large, actually huge backyard, with lots of areas to play, lay in the sun, lay in the shade, play with children, to being inside where she was often found sitting in the home office while Juan worked & patted her. Josie would sit on their rug in the lounge room watching TV with their daughter, the daughter & Josie would often play outside, & Josie would watch with anticipation while the family cooked their lovely smelling, home cooked, healthy meals. Josie even got up to a 'bit' of mischief, & I think her holes are still in the yard, but Juan just says, she was making herself at home. We got photos of her emailed & sms to us, of her happy adventures, &, as she was getting older, we received happy photos of her sleepy days rotating between the sun, shade & inside.When I told Josie it was holiday time at Juan & his family's, she would run over to get her lead hoping to go immediately.I would say to her, 'it will be next week Josie', & she would snuff with disappointment, wanting to go today. Needless to say, her first visit she was a bit shy at first, as she had some bad experiences at dog sitters; but after a few hours, she began to enjoy herself immensely, knowing that she was safe, well loved and going to be completely and utterly spoilt beyond any dogs imagination. She had many holidays at Juan's family's home, and she was always ecstatically excited.Thank-you Juan and family for giving her quality, safe, fun and loving holidays.

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