Advertise with Us

by PetCloud / Advertise / 25 Aug 2013

Advertise with Us

Do you run a Business that has a Product or Service that you want to get in front of a National Audience?

Since PetCloud has high domain authority, large scale partnerships, and ethical values, we receive many requests each week from Blog Article Writers who offer us Guest Posts.  So that we can best handle your inquiry, please answer the following questions when you email us:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What company do you represent?
  3. What products or services does it sell?
  4. What partnerships do you have?
  5. Do you run a store on your website?
  6. Does your website drive traffic to Amazon for example?
  7. Do you have a strong background in your field? ie. Are you a Travel Executive, a Registered Vet, Vet Tech, Vet Nurse, Registered Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer, or are an Expert in Animal Nutrition?
  8. Do you have a strong audience following? 
  9. Do you abide by SEO best practices?
  10. Is the content unique and not published elsewhere?
  11. Are you interested in applying to become a paid affiliate?
  12. Our articles are written primarily for an Australian audience, using Australian English. Not only do we use less 'z''s we also use different metrics to measure and weigh things, different from the US and UK. Is your article tailored to show this difference?
  13. Are you looking to get your own name/website/brand mentioned in the content? If so, we would suggest you review to our Media Kit and offer payment for a sponsored post.
  14. Are you looking for backlinks to a website to boost ranking? If so, what is that nature of that website? How is the website relevant to our Australian Audience of Travelling and time-poor Pet Owners or Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers?
  15. What's in it for us? If nothing, then this is a request for a paid article.

Our Media Kit  Request Access to view our Media Kit here

Woof at Us
Want to advertise with us? Email: m a r k e t i n g @

PetCloud has thousands of Frequent Flying Pet Owners who want to be enticed to travel.  Previous giveaways have included domestic Flights, National Hotel Gift Cards, Luxury 5 Star Ocean View Rooms at Surfers Paradise and we want to hear from you!  We also have an audeince of dedicated and animal loving Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers who would love to be pampered with Body Spa Products or Experiences, Movie Tickets, and anything that will make them feel loved and pampered!!

Our Values:

We Love Pets
We treat dogs like family - keeping them happy and entertained.

We value partners who embrace innovation, longterm relationships and want to grow with us.

We celebrate hardworking personalities who, with kindness and creativity, work as a team to get stuff done.

Our Partners
RSPCA Queensland, ShelterBuddy, Greencross Vets, Petbarn.

Our Travelling Audience

  • Affluent $75 – $100k
  • Young 25 – 45 Female Skew 65%
  • Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth Urban Dweller
  • Online Shoppers, Spenders Tech Savvy

Opportunities for Advertisers
Create multi-platform campaigns across facebook, twitter, instagram that engage a passionate community and achieve brand goals. It can be anything from product placement to sponsorship.