Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

by PetCloud / Holidays / 15 Dec 2016

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When holiday plans for your pet's care come up, you may think friends, family, and neighbours are the best option. Not always so. We explore reasons why it's better to hire a professional Pet Sitter instead.

What are the advantages of hiring a Professional Pet Sitter?

1. There’s no imposing on anyone’s schedule

Sometimes, we know that many of our close friends network are already busy or have other duties. This can make you feel like you are imposing on their schedule or like you owe them something in return when you ask them to look after our pet feel.

2. Law abiding pet sitters have insurance

There is always the small chance of something going wrong when caring for any animal. Good pet sitters have insurance (PetCloud pays for insurance for all bookings) and should be trained in animal care and even first aid. This means your pet is in good hands, capable of responding properly should something go wrong. You also don’t have to deal with relationship fall out if one of your friends is responsible for something bad happening because they didnt have insurance or a support network to help them resolve the issue.

3. Professional Pet Sitters will Always have a Meet & Greet in Advance of the Stay

Experienced Professional Pet Sitters will always ask for a Meet & Greet beforehand to give you a walk through property tour so that together, you can take joint responsibility that their property escape-proof and hazard-free. Next, they will ask you questions about your pet's diet, exercise routine, parasite control, and any medication requirements.

4. You’re not pushing the friendship

When you make a booking with a pet sitter it's a service that's paid for, so you can have certain requests and expectations in place. To do this with friends and family and neighbours when it's a favour - doesn’t feel right, and can strain the friendship, so we often tend to take what we get. Not really the best situation for our pets if they have any special needs such as food allergies or medical needs that need attending to.

5. Pet Sitters are total Animal Lovers

A pet sitter cares for your pet in their home to your exact needs as it's their job to do so but its more because they just love pets and it doesn't feel like a job to them. So we find that pet sitters often go the extra mile because they want to.

6. You are dealing with the boss, not asking for a favour from family or friends

Another difference we see is the pet sitter is effectively their own micro business owner. The customer experience of their pet owner customers is therefore very important to them. They strive to make your experience great, as opposed to perhaps a neighbour who may just throw some food over the fence. Or a family member who then may expect a favour in return, such as helping them move house.

7. Professional Sitters have Accountability

Public feedback is able to be provided about the Pet Owners experience after every pet stay, it means every customer has a voice and every pet sitting has a quality assurance and feedback opportunity. This keeps everyone focused on two important things – great service and ensuring pets are looked after very well.  Family members may not be reliable and there sure isn't any public feedback system for them.

8. You don't have to beg.

Contrast this with what many of us do when we beg our friends and family to step in for us.  Most of us simply don’t like to trouble them with the hassle, especially if they need to come to our home, or if our friends and family don’t have houses that are pet-friendly.

Some family members may not care whether you have a special weekend booked away - if they're not animal lovers - they aren't interested.


These holidays, think professional pet sitting first

So be sure to think of pet sitting as a pet care option the next time you have to be at a special occasion or need to leave the house for a day, a week, or even a month without your pet.

You can even contact your local pet sitter for other services like dog walking, house visits to feed your various pets, washing and brushing, and make sure they're taken care of in their own home.

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